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Directory of Hong Kong Trade and Industrial Organisations

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Directory of Hong Kong Trade and Industrial Organisations

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Serial No. By Nature of Organisations
1 General
2 District Trade and Industrial Organisations
3 Government Funded/Statutory Organisations
4 Small and Medium Enterprises Association
Serial No. By Business of Organisations - Manufacturing Sectors
1 Apparel, Accessories and Textile Made-Up Articles
2 Chemical and Petroleum Products
3 Electrical and Electronic Products
4 Foodstuff, Beverage and Tobacco
5 Footwear
6 Furniture, Fixtures and Houseware
7 Jewellery & Crafts
8 Leather, Hides and Leather Products
9 Machinery
10 Metals and Mineral
11 Optical and Photographic Products
12 Paper and Packaging Products
13 Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics
14 Plastics
15 Printing and Publishing
16 Spinning, Weaving and Finishing
17 Timber, Rattan and Bamboo Products (Excluding Furniture)
18 Toys
19 Watches and Clocks
Serial No. By Business of Organisations - Services Sectors
1 Banking and Financing Services
2 Building & Construction
3 Business Support Services
4 Entertainment, Restaurants and Hotels
5 Environmental Services
6 Import and Export Trade
7 Information Technology, Design, Innovation and Technology
8 Insurance
9 Logistics and Transport
10 Medical, Health and Beauty
11 Professional Services
12 Quality, Industrial Testing and Inspection Services
13 Qualification Validation
14 Real Estate Services
15 Telecommunications
16 Tourism, Convention and Exhibition Services
17 Wholesale and Retail