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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Policy on Import and Export of Goods: A Quick Glance


Hong Kong is a free port and does not levy any Customs tariff on imports or exports.

Rules of Origin

The certification system in Hong Kong is to facilitate local products to be exported outside Hong Kong by certifying their origins. Imports do not require origin certification.

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Trade in Goods Arrangements under Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong and Other Economies

Hong Kong has concluded Free Trade Agreements with certain economies. Hong Kong's exports to these economies can enjoy preferential tariff treatment if they meet specific rules of origin.

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Import and Export Declaration

Any persons who import or export any goods (other than exempted articles) are required to lodge accurate and complete import/export declarations to Hong Kong Customs within 14 days after the import/export of goods.

Please visit the website of Hong Kong Customs for details.

Import and Export Licensing and Control

Certain goods are subject to import/export control in Hong Kong. You can click here to enquire whether your goods are subject to import/export control, the documents required and which department(s) to contact.

If the goods to be imported or exported are "prohibited articles" or "reserved commodities" under the Import and Export Ordinance (Cap.60) and the Reserved Commodities (Control of Imports, Exports and Reserve Stocks) Regulations (Cap.296A), shipping companies, airlines and transportation companies are required to deliver within 14 days to the Trade and Industry Department the relevant manifests together with the import/export licences for manifest checking.

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Licensing and Registration Schemes under Trade and Industry Department

Transhipment Cargo Exemption Scheme (TCES)

Subject to certain conditions, shipping companies, airlines and freight companies which have registered with the Trade and Industry Department are exempted from the import/export licensing requirements for their transhipment cargoes.

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United Nations Sanctions

The United Nations from time to time passes resolutions to impose sanctions on certain countries. Hong Kong will impose restrictions on trade and other activities according to the sanctions. Click here for details.

Import/Export Cargo Clearance

Hong Kong Customs is responsible for the clearance of import/export cargoes within Hong Kong territory.

Please visit the website of Hong Kong Customs for details.

Legal and Administrative Actions

Persons in breach of the law by importing/exporting goods in Hong Kong is liable to fine and/or imprisonment. Moreover, persons in breach of the law may be subject to administrative actions, such as suspension or revocation of licenses or registration concerned.

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Using Trade and Industry Department's Services

The public may apply in person, by mail and/or by electronic means for the import/export services by the Trade and Industry Department. Click here for details.

Trading Statistics

This web site provides statistics on the imports/exports of Hong Kong. Click here for details.