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Certificate of Origin

The objective of the origin certification system in Hong Kong is to facilitate export of Hong Kong products to other markets. The system establishes the origin of Hong Kong exports in order to meet the requirements of importing authorities.(Note 1)

The Export (Certificates of Origin) Regulations of the Import and Export Ordinance (Cap. 60) empower the Director-General of Trade and Industry to issue Certificates of Origin in accordance with the stipulated Rules of Origin for any items manufactured, processed or produced in Hong Kong and have been or are about to be exported from Hong Kong.

The Protection of Non-government Certificates of Origin Ordinance (Cap. 324) authorises certain Government Approved Certification Organizations (GACOs)(Note 2) to issue Certificates of Origin(Note 3). These Certificates of Origin have the same legal status as those issued by the Trade and Industry Department.

To apply for Certificates of Origin (CO) for their goods, traders must first ensure that the goods concerned fulfil the applicable origin rules. Exporters and manufacturers (and subcontractors) applying for CO must possess Business Registration. Manufacturers (and subcontractors) concerned must also obtain Factory Registration before they are eligible to apply for CO.

  1. Details on Hong Kong Origin Rules
  2. Factory Registration
  3. Certificates of Origin
    1. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin and Certificate of Origin - Processing
    2. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - CEPA
    3. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - New Zealand
    4. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - Georgia
    5. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - Form AHK
    6. Other reference:
      Notes for applying for Certificates of Origin under Hong Kong, China's Free Trade Agreements (i.e. 3(b) to 3(e) above)
  4. Other Related Services
  5. Fees
  6. Performance Pledge
  7. Leaflet on Certificate of Origin and Related Services (pdf format)
  8. Enquiry
  9. Service Point and Office Hours

Applications for 3(a) - (e) above can be lodged via E-services. Traders who are unable to use E-services can lodge their applications via the Service Centres of the electronic service providers. For details, please click here.

Note 1: The origin certification system establishes the origin of Hong Kong exports. Approval of a Certificate of Origin (CO) does not imply the manufacturer's compliance with other statutory requirements as well as regulatory requirements administered by other government departments in relation to the factory's operation and products. Manufacturers have the responsibility to ensure compliance with such requirements.

Note 2: The five GACOs are the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce; the Federation of Hong Kong Industries; the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong; the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong; and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

Note 3: Such certificates include Certificate of Hong Kong Origin, Certificate of Origin-Processing, Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - CEPA, Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - New Zealand, Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - Georgia, Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - Form AHK, Certificate of Origin - Re-export and Certificate of Origin - Re-export (Movement Confirmation).