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Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and Chile

Hong Kong and Chile signed a Free Trade Agreement (the Agreement) on 7 September 2012.  The Agreement entered into force on 9 October 2014.

The Agreement is comprehensive and of high quality, encompassing trade in goods and services, investment, and other related areas.  It is fully consistent with provisions of the World Trade Organization.  The two sides have agreed to further negotiate a more comprehensive agreement on investment promotion and protection to enhance investment flows between the two economies.

The Agreement will help Hong Kong businesses tap the Chilean market, which offers potential opportunities as an emerging market in itself, as well as opportunities as a gateway to the South American region.  It will also expand Hong Kong's free trade agreement network to the American region, in addition to our existing linkage with the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

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Feasibility Study of a Hong Kong - Chile Free Trade Agreement

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Last Review Date : 24 October 2014