Consumer Product Design

Federation of Hong Kong Industries


Federation of Hong Kong Industries


To promote and recognise the importance of product design in Hong Kong, and to encourage local entrepreneurs to improve the design, research and development of their products.


Eligible entries should be consumer products or consumer-related products (i.e. consumer products designed for personal life and use (e.g. home, lifestyle, leisure, health, sports, etc.); other products not for personal life and use (e.g. technician equipment / tools, highway lighting, electronic display for exhibitions, etc.) will not be accepted). Design firms, trading companies or agents can enter the Competition with the prior written permission of the owner(s) of the relevant intellectual property rights of and relating to the above products, and such written permission should be submitted with the entry form.

Products submitted must be newly designed and in production, and preferably have not been on the market for more than 2 years.

Entries will not be accepted if it is submitted in the name of an individual instead of a company or an organisation. Besides, an entrant must possess a valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate.

The Competition is not open to departments / agencies of the HKSAR Government. The restriction however does not cover publicly-funded or non-governmental statutory institutions (like universities).

(The Organiser reserves the right to make, in its sole and absolute discretion (without assigning reason(s) thereto relating), the final decision on the eligibility of entrants and/or products.)

Product Nature

Most of the consumer products or consumer-related products are basically eligible to enter the Competition (i.e. consumer products designed for personal life and use, e.g. home, lifestyle, leisure, health, sports, etc.), such as:

  • Computer-related Products;
  • Electronic Products;
  • Electrical Products;
  • Toys;
  • Jewellery & Timepieces;
  • Clothing & Fashion Accessories;
  • Furniture & Household Products, etc

Judging Criteria & Assessment

The primary criteria for assessment include:

  • Design (Esthetic / Functional)
  • Quality
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Marketability
  • Usefulness of Functions
  • Innovation
  • Safety

The above judging criteria are for reference only and do not follow the order of importance. Other criteria such as price, market share, user-friendliness, contribution to society etc. will also be considered where appropriate.

Last Revision Date : 11 March 2024