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Hong Kong Productivity Council


The Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Smart Productivity primarily aims to encourage and give recognition to Hong Kong companies or organisations that have attained high-value productivity on a continual basis. It also aims to promote new strategies and prevailing practices in various aspects of operational performance, such as deployment of automation and data technologies, smart manufacturing, digital transformation, data analytics, development of smart talents, etc., which are driving forces for companies or organisations to stay competitive in the new economy.


This annual smart productivity award programme is open to all companies and organisations, including subsidiaries or divisions within a company or organisation in Hong Kong, that function as a business entity. The company or organisation must have a clear definition of organisation as reflected in its organisation charts, administration manuals and annual reports.

Entrants may include companies or organisations that provide manufacturing- or service-related services which are registered with the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department for one year or above, and have demonstrated improvement in productivity. For manufacturing organisations, the location of activity is not necessarily confined within Hong Kong. However, at least one or more of the critical manufacturing-related processes such as design, research and development, tooling, quality control, product development, marketing, etc., must be carried out in Hong Kong to support the overall in-house manufacturing operations. For organisations in the service sector, the major operations have to be in Hong Kong.

The Organiser of the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Smart Productivity has the final decision on the eligibility of applicants.

Judging Criteria

Management Strategy (15%)

How does the senior management initiate the productivity improvement programmes to deal with today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) business environment, and support the running of the programmes on a continuous basis?

Planning and Execution (30%)

How do the management and operation teams plan, implement, review, measure the productivity improvement programmes and respond to the changing environment during the implementation stage? How do they select and adopt the latest technologies and innovative practices to increase the expected improvement results during the planning and implementation stage?

Measurable Achievements (25%)

What are the measurable productivity achievements with the implementation of the productivity improvement programmes?

Competitiveness Enhancement (20%)

How do the productivity improvement programmes create values, culture, changes and resources optimisation in the company or organisation for enhancing its overall market competitiveness ?

Impact to the Industry (10%)

How do the productivity improvement programmes set an example to other industry stakeholders or even transform the industry practices in realizing productivity enhancement as a whole?


In two weeks after submission of the application form, applicant should submit a summary report (template will be provided) of two productivity improvement programmes executed in the past three years. The report should demonstrate how the programmes meet the above five judging criteria.

Last Revision Date : 04 March 2019