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Trade in Services Agreement (under negotiation)

Hong Kong, China has been participating in the negotiation of a plurilateral trade in services agreement (TiSA) since 2013 to enhance the business opportunities for our service industry. There are currently 23 participants in the negotiation, (viz. Australia; Canada; Chile; Chinese Taipei; Colombia; Costa Rica; the European Union; Hong Kong, China; Iceland; Israel; Japan; Korea; Liechtenstein; Mauritius; Mexico; New Zealand; Norway; Pakistan; Panama;  Peru; Switzerland; Turkey; and the United States). We aspire to conclude a high-standard agreement which is consistent with the principles and provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and can contribute to multilateral services trade liberalisation.

General Framework

The negotiation framework agreed in December 2012 stipulates that the TiSA should be high-ambition, comprehensive in scope, compatible with the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services for broad participation and multilateralisation in the future, and open to new participants who share the same objectives. Negotiation aims at bringing about improved market access and new and enhanced disciplines to help address regulatory practices that may impair access to market.


A public consultation was conducted in May 2013 for formulating Hong Kong, China's negotiation position. The public generally supports Hong Kong, China's participation in the TiSA negotiation.

Latest Development

So far, 20 negotiation rounds have been held. Participants have engaged in discussions on the core text and proposals on new and enhanced disciplines, as well as presented their offers on market access. Participants have not set an end date for the negotiation.

Contact Us

Comments and suggestions on Hong Kong's participation in the TiSA negotiation are welcome, and they can be sent to Trade and Industry Department via