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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Implementation of the TFA in Hong Kong

Government Agencies relating to Trade Facilitation

  1. For goods in general
    Customs and Excise Department
    Tel: (852) 2815 7711
    Import and Export Clearance
    Census and Statistics Department
    Tel: (852) 2877 1818
    Electronic Cargo Manifest Submission; Import and Export Declaration Lodgement; Trade Classification
  2. For specific types of goods requiring a licence, permit and/or certificate for import, export and/or transit
    Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
    Tel: (852) 2708 8885
    Animals, Birds & Reptiles and Animal Products; Endangered Species of Animals and Plants; Genetically Modified Organisms; Live Food Animals (except Food Poultry); Live Food Poultry (Imported from Places other than Mainland China); Pesticides; Plants, Plant Pests and Soil; Protected Wild Animals; Toothfish Items
    Civil Engineering and Development Department
    Tel: (852) 2762 5111
    Explosives; Sand
    Customs and Excise Department Controlled Chemicals; Motor Vehicles; Optical Disc Mastering and Replication Equipment; Prescribed Articles (Outboard Engines, Vehicles and Vehicle Parts)
    Dutiable Commodities (Liquor, Tobacco, Hydrocarbon Oil and Methyl Alcohol)
    Tel: (852) 2815 7711
    Environmental Protection Department
    Tel: (852) 2838 3111
    Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Materials; Mercury and Mercury Mixtures; Non-pesticide Hazardous Chemicals; Ozone Depleting Substances; Volatile Organic Compounds Containing Products; Waste (including Hazardous Waste, Regulated Waste Plastics and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
    Food and Environmental Hygiene Department - Centre for Food Safety
    Tel: (852) 2868 0000
    Frozen Confections; Frozen or Chilled Meat, Poultry and Prohibited Meat; Game and Eggs; Live Food Poultry (Imported from Mainland China); Milk, Milk Beverage and Cream; Smokeless Tobacco Products
    Department of Health Alternative Smoking Products Biological Materials; Human Corpse Chinese Herbal Medicines; Proprietary Chinese Medicines Dangerous Drugs; Pharmaceutical Products and Medicines Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus
    Tel: (852) 2961 8989 / 2961 8991
    Office of the Communications Authority
    Tel: (852) 2961 6671 / 2961 6724
    Radiocommunications Transmitting Apparatus
    Trade and Industry Department Ozone Depleting Substances; Powdered Formula; Rice; Rough Diamonds Strategic Commodities
    Tel: (852) 2392 2922
  3. Other Trade Facilitation Initiatives

    Trade Single Window

    Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme