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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Reference Links

1. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Offices in Mainland China

2. Key Ministries of Central Government Related to Business and Trade

3. Mainland Provinces, Centrally Administered Municipalities and Autonomous Regions

Guangdong Province Fujian Province Jiangsu Province
Jiangxi Province Henan Province Hebei Province
Hainan Province Sichuan Province Guizhou Province
Shanxi Province Shandong Province Qinghai Province
Gansu Province Liaoning Province Jilin Province
Hubei Province    
Centrally Administered Municipality
Beijing Municipality Shanghai Municipality Tianjin Municipality
Chongqing Municipality    
Autonomous Region
Guangxi Autonomous Region Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Tibet Autonomous Region    

4. Other Relevant Websites