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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Commercial Information Circulars - Mainland Economic and Trade Information Database

Hong Kong maintains a very close economic and trade relationship with the Mainland. The Trade and Industry Department closely monitors developments in the economic and business environment of the Mainland, and gathers information concerning the Mainland's introduction of and amendments to trade/commercial laws, regulations and policies relevant to Hong Kong enterprises doing business in the Mainland through various sources. 

The above information is disseminated to local business sector through "Commercial Information Circulars" and other circulars. To facilitate easy retrieval of information, the circulars issued have been classified into different categories as shown below in accordance with the types of information reported therein.

  1. Customs Control, Imports and Exports

  2. Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

    i)  General Laws and Regulations on Quality Supervision, Inspection and 

  3. Processing Trade

    i)  Catalogue of Restricted and Prohibited Products for Processing Trade
    ii) Measures Related to Processing Trade
  4. Labour and Social Security

  5. Taxation and Foreign Exchange

    i)   Tariff
    ii)  Corporate Income Tax
    iii) Value-Added Tax
    iv) Consumption Tax
    v)  Business Tax
    vi) Others

  6. Rules and Regulations Relating to Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidies and Safeguards

    i)    Anti-dumping Cases
    ii)   Anti-subsidies Cases
    iii)  Safeguards Cases
    vi)  Other Cases

  7. Foreign Investments

  8. Intellectual Property

  9. Regulations Relating to Specific Industries

    i)   Textiles Trade
    ii)  Regulations Relating to Distribution Services
    iii) Regulations Relating to Individually Owned Stores
    iv) Others

  10. Information of the Guangdong Province

  11. General Laws and Regulations

  12. Other Business and Trade Related Regulations and Information

    i)  Regulations Relating to China's WTO Accession
    ii) Others