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System Requirements for Viewing TID Websites

TID websites are viewable on most modern browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. The webpages follow the HTML 4.01 Standard and do not make use of browser-specific features. However, some users may have adjusted the default font size and screen resolution on their computers. As a result, the webpages on TID websites may be displayed differently on computer systems with different configurations.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you enable JavaScript and allow cookies in your browser. If you disable JavaScript and/or cookies, you may not be able to use some of the special features in the TID websites such as the Text Size buttons and Personalised Colours.

If you need to use the e-services on TID websites, please refer to the section on "System Requirements for E-services on TID Websites" below for further details.

TID websites link to documents and files in a number of formats. You can download free software for opening these files from the following websites:

Information Security

From 4 December 2017 onward, TID websites will encrypt all web contents during transmission to enhance information security. You need to use TLS enabled browser to visit TID websites.

System Requirements for E-Services on TID Websites

Except the e-services stated below, you can use popular operating systems and browsers to access the e-services of TID websites.

The following e-services have been tested for the following popular browsers.

Browsers TID Web Portal Funding Schemes Strategic Commodities
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla Firefox 82 Yes Yes Not applicable
Google Chrome 86 (Note 1) Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge 86 Yes Yes Yes

Note 1: Google Chrome will be updated automatically to the latest version. We shall make our best effort to test our e-services on the latest version of browser.


  • If you encounter problems in using TID e-services, please contact us.