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With effect from 21 November 2014, all textiles imported into or exported from Hong Kong do not require any textiles licences. Traders registered under the Textiles Trader Registration Scheme (TTRS) are no longer required to lodge textiles notifications to cover their textiles shipments. Moreover, manufacturers are not required to lodge Production Notification for any cut-and-sewn garments manufactured in Hong Kong.

The Department continues to provide registration service under the Textiles Trader Registration Scheme (TTRS) for traders to join the Scheme voluntarily.

Textiles Trader Registration Scheme (TTRS) is a voluntary registration scheme. Eligible traders are encouraged to join the registration scheme whereby registered traders can be kept informed of important developments of the global textiles trading scenes. Companies / registered businesses with valid Business Registration in Hong Kong which are carrying on business in the manner as set out in Schedule 4 to the Import and Export (General) Regulations (Chapter 60, subsidiary legislation A), i.e., importing textiles from the Mainland or exporting textiles to the Mainland or the United States of America, can join the TTRS.

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Textiles Trader Registration Scheme (TTRS)
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Important Reminder: To avoid committing an offence under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (POBO) (Chapter 201 of the Laws of Hong Kong), a person shall not offer any advantages as defined in the POBO to any public servant of the Government in connection with his/her application for or approval of registration under the Textiles Trader Registration Scheme (TTRS).