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Ozone Depleting Substances

Retrospective Licence Application

Procedures and Supporting Documents

Belated licence applications may be accepted only if the applicant can provide the following supporting documents:

  1. (i)a letter explaining why the retrospective application is made and, for imported goods, whether the importer has taken delivery of the goods;
  2. (ii)a fresh set of completed Import Licence Form, Export Licence Form or Import and Export Licence Form in respect of the consignment under application (exact date of arrival and vehicle/ vessel/ flight number should be shown in the relevant boxes);
  3. (iii)photocopies of the relevant shipping documents, i.e. bill of lading (if imported by sea), air waybill (if imported by air), manifest (if imported by land) or through bill of lading (if transhipment);
  4. (iv)other relevant supporting documents, such as invoice, packing list, letter from the relevant carrier; and
  5. (v)in case of shipment after the expiry of the validity of an approved licence, the unused copies of the expired licence should be returned for cancellation.