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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Brand Hong Kong - Asia world city

Performance Pledge

No. Item TargetΨ
(no. of working days excluding day of receipt
and day of issue)
1. Issue of Certificate of Hong Kong Origin, Certificate of Origin - Processing, Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - CEPA (CO(CEPA)), Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - New Zealand (CO(NZ)), Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - Georgia (CO(Georgia)) and Certificate of Hong Kong Origin - Form AHK (CO(Form AHK))  1.5^
Reply to enquiry on CO(CEPA), CO(NZ), CO(Georgia), CO(Form AHK) and preferential rules of origin#
  • simple enquiry
  • complicated enquiry

3. Complete processing of application for factory registration 14
Complete processing of amendment of factory registration particulars
  • if factory inspection is necessary
  • if factory inspection is not necessary and the request is lodged in paper form
  • if factory inspection is not necessary and the request is lodged through online system

5. Complete processing of local subcontracting arrangement registration 1
6. Complete processing of outward processing arrangement (OPA) registration 1
7. Complete processing of combined annual renewal of factory registration and OPA registration 1
Complete processing of enquiry on OPA: manufacturing processes allowed to be subcontracted outside Hong Kong
  • simple enquiry
  • complicated enquiry

9. Issue of certified true copy 1
10. Reply to other written enquiries 10 calendar days

Ψ Target is applied upon receipt of all necessary documents and information.

^ The processing time may be longer if an application is selected for pre-issue inspection. In this case, the Department will, on a best endeavor basis, send out the approval message through electronic service, or make available the licence for collection in the case of paper licence application, within 2 clear working days after completion of the inspection, provided that the inspection reveals no discrepancy.

# Preferential rules of origin refer to the rules of origin applicable under respective arrangements/agreements of trade liberalisation between Hong Kong and its trading partners, including CEPA, the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement with New Zealand, as well as the respective Free Trade Agreements with European Free Trade Association States, Chile, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Georgia and Australia.