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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Outward Processing Arrangement

The Outward Processing Arrangement (OPA) enables registered manufacturers to subcontract the subsidiary or minor finishing processes outside Hong Kong without affecting the eligibility of such goods for attaining Hong Kong origin status.

Application Conditions

To be eligible to participate in OPA, a manufacturer must hold a valid Factory Registration and obtain prior OPA registration with the Department. All goods subject to OPA must have undergone the principal/origin-conferring manufacturing processes in Hong Kong for attaining Hong Kong origin status. Once approved, OPA registration is valid until expiry or cancellation of the Factory Registration.  OPA is a free service.

Application Procedures for OPA Registration

OPA Exportation and Importation Procedures

  1. Forms and Documentation
  2. Specimen of OPA Combined Form
  3. Amendment of Combined Form
  4. Request for Assistance in respect of Combined Form
  5. Enquiry on Subsidiary Processes Allowable to be Subcontracted Outside Hong Kong under OPA

Circulars and Publications