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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)

Summary of Trade and Investment Facilitation

Both sides agree on promoting co-operation in the following ten areas -

Area Strengthened Cooperation
Customs Clearance Facilitation Establish a customs information exchange system between the two sides. Explore the feasibility of data networking and the development of electronic customs clearance at control points. Strengthen the risk management ability of the two sides and enhance efficiency in customs clearance through technical cooperation.
Commodity Inspection and Quarantine, Food Safety, Quality and Standardization Strengthen cooperation of the two sides in the inspection and monitoring of electrical and mechanical products, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, food safety, health and quarantine supervision, product certification and accreditation, and standardization management, etc; and commence cooperation in the area of consumer product safety. Actively promote cooperation between Hong Kong's testing laboratories and Mainland's relevant certification bodies, so that Hong Kong's testing laboratories can be recognized under international multilateral systems on mutual recognition of testing and certification.
Cooperation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Strengthen information exchange between SMEs of the two sides. Organize exchanges and visits between SMEs of the two sides. Explore jointly the strategy and support policy to assist the development of SMEs of the two sides.
Cooperation in Industries In complementing each other's competitive advantages, strengthen cooperation and exchanges of the two sides in traditional Chinese medicine and medical products industry, convention and exhibition industry, cultural industry, environmental industry, and innovation and technology industry.
Electronic Business Strengthen cooperation of the two sides in the research and formulation of rules, standards and regulations of electronic business; in the corporate use, promotion and training, etc. of electronic business; and in electronic government.
Trade and Investment Promotion Strengthen mutual trade and investment promotion between the two sides. Cooperate in the joint development of international markets for commodities and engineering works.
Transparency in Laws and Regulations The two sides shall strengthen cooperation in enhancing transparency in laws and regulations and strive to provide information to their commercial and industrial enterprises with a view to promoting bilateral economic and trade flow.
Protection of Intellectual Property Enhance cooperation in the area of intellectual property protection through the cooperation mechanism between relevant government departments of the two sides, and exchange and communicate information relating to intellectual property protection.
Cooperation on Branding Strengthen cooperation in the area of branding through setting up a working group for strengthened cooperation, information exchange in respect of protection of brands and enhanced promotion of brands.
Cooperation on Education Strengthen exchanges and communication of the two sides in the area of education, exchange of information, cooperation in training and organization of visits, as well as to support the cooperation of the two sides with regard to nurturing talent at undergraduate or above level in the Mainland.


Under the Agreement on Trade in Services (the Agreement), Hong Kong service suppliers investing in services sub-sectors under the Agreement in the Mainland, except for those under reserved restrictive measures in the Agreement, establishment and change of companies under the telecommunications and cultural service sectors and financial institutions, establishment and change of commercial presence other than in the form of a company, will be subject to filing of record according to the circular of the Ministry of Commerce (in Chinese only), which can be conducted via the Online Filing Administrative System for Foreign Investment (in Chinese only).