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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)

Economic and Technical Cooperation

The Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation (Ecotech Agreement) was signed on 28 June 2017 between the Mainland and Hong Kong to consolidate and update the economic and technical cooperation activities set out in CEPA and its Supplements to cater for the trend and needs for the development of Hong Kong and the Mainland. It also strengthens the basis of and sets the direction for closer cooperation between the two places in future. The Ecotech Agreement incorporates the cooperation in the economic and trade aspects of the "Belt and Road" Initiative and Sub-regional Cooperation into the systemic framework of CEPA, thereby providing Hong Kong businesses with good opportunities for participation in the national development strategies.

Areas of Cooperation

Both sides agreed to enhance cooperation in 22 areas to support the development and cooperation, as well as to facilitate and promote trade and investment between the two places.

Deepening cooperation in economic and trade areas of the "Belt and Road" Initiative Financial Cooperation Cooperation in Tourism
Cooperation in Legal and Dispute Resolution Services Cooperation in Accounting Cooperation in Convention and Exhibition Industry
Cultural Cooperation Environmental Cooperation Cooperation in Innovation and Technology
Cooperation in Education Cooperation in Electronic Commerce Cooperation in Small and Medium Enterprises
Cooperation in Intellectual Property Cooperation in Trademark and Branding Cooperation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicinal Products Industry
Deepening Economic and Trade Cooperation in Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Supporting the Participation of Hong Kong in the Development of Pilot Free Trade Zones Deepening the Cooperation between Hong Kong and Qianhai, Nansha and Hengqin
Trade and Investment Promotion Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Transparency
Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications