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Ref: TRA CR 1340/2

30 September 2014

Dear Sirs,

Certificate of Origin Circular No. 8/2014

Commercial Information Circular No. 868/2014

Certificate of Preference Circular No. 3/2014

Notice to Exporters :

Series 1 (USA) No. 6/2014

Series 2 (EU) No. 6/2014

Series 3 (Countries other than USA & EU) No. 6/2014

Textiles Trader Registration Circular No. 6/2014

Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and Chile
Exporting Goods Originating in Hong Kong to Chile


This circular outlines the rules of origin, document requirements, record keeping requirements and other relevant issues for exporting goods originating in Hong Kong to Chile under the Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and Chile ("Agreement").

The Agreement

2.Signed on 7 September 2012, the Agreement will enter into force on 9 October 2014.  The full text and other details of the Agreement are available at <>.

3.For goods that qualify as originating in Hong Kong pursuant to the Agreement, 88% of Chile's tariff lines will become duty free upon the entry into force of the Agreement while tariffs on an additional 10% of Chile's tariff lines will be phased out over three years.  The remaining 2%, comprising, for example, cereals, sugars, articles of iron or steel, will continue to be subject to import tariff.

4.The schedule for reduction of import tariff by Chile is at Section 1 of Annex 3.4 of the Agreement available at <>.

Exporting Goods Originating in Hong Kong to Chile

5.The operational details for the purpose of obtaining preferential tariff treatment under the Agreement are set out in Annex I.  These include the rules of origin under the Agreement, declaration of origin, obligations of importers, exporters and producers, as well as other issues.  Annex II is a sample of Declaration of Origin, which may be required by Chile for claiming preferential treatment.


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Yours faithfully,

(Jim Wong)
for Director-General of Trade and Industry