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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Ref : TID/FA/4-60/0

26 February 2014

Dear Sirs,

Notice to Exporters :

Series 1 (USA) No. 1/2014

Series 2 (EU) No. 1/2014

Series 3 (Countries other than USA & EU) No. 1/2014

Certificate of Origin Circular No. 1/2014

Certificate of Preference Circular No. 1/2014

Textiles Trader Registration Circular No. 1/2014

Import Licensing (Textiles) Circular No. 1/2014

Notice to Service Suppliers No. 1/2014

Powdered Formula Licensing Circulars No. 1/2014

Strategic Trade Controls Circulars No. 5/2014

Rough Diamond Trader Registration Circulars No. 2/2014

Revision of Fee for Issue of Certified True Copy

This circular announces that the fee for the issue of a certified true copy of licences and certificates under the purview of the Trade and Industry Department (TID) will be revised from $300 to $135 with effect from 21 March 2014 (Friday).

2.The above fee information supersedes, with effect from 21 March 2014 (Friday), the fee information relating to the certified true copy of Certificate of Hong Kong Service Supplier as set out in paragraph 10 of the Main Text of the Notice to Service Suppliers No. 5/2012 issued on 7 December 2012 by TID.

Yours faithfully,

(Ms Nicole KUNG)

for Director-General of Trade and Industry