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Ref : CS/DI/4/59

1 April 2010

Dear Sirs,

Notice to Exporters :

Series 1 (USA) No. 1/2010

Series 2 (EU) No. 1/2010

Series 3 (Countries other than USA & EU) No. 1/2010

Certificate of Origin Circular No. 1/2010

Electronic Service for Certificate of Origin
and Production Notification


This notice provides the trade with up-to-date information on the electronic service for Certificate of Origin (CO) including Certificate of Hong Kong Origin ("CHKO"), Certificate of Processing ("COP") and Certificate of Hong Kong Origin–CEPA ("CO(CEPA)") and Production Notification (PN). 

Service Providers

  1. Applications for CO and PN have to be lodged in electronic mode through the service provider(s) appointed by the Government. To introduce competition and to give the trading community a wider choice, the Government launched an open tender exercise in April 2008 to appoint service providers for provision of electronic service for six government documents including CO and PN for the period 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2016. Through the tendering exercise, the Government appointed Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited ("Tradelink") to continue providing electronic service for CO and PN, and a new service provider, Brio Electronic Commerce Limited ("Brio") to provide electronic service for CO, during the aforesaid period.

  2. Traders lodging applications for CO and PN are advised to register with the respective service providers for using the electronic service. Traders may call the hotlines of Brio (for electronic CO service) at 2111 1288 and/or Tradelink (for electronic CO and PN services) at 2599 1700 for more information. Traders not registered with any of the above service providers can approach the Electronic Trading Access Service (ETAS) centres of the service providers to lodge applications for CO and/or PN.

New Features for the Electronic Service

  1. To provide flexibility for traders that are not registered with the same service provider for the electronic service in lodging a CO application which involves multiple parties, a new function known as 'Interoperability' is introduced in the electronic service for CO. Currently, Brio is the sole provider of this 'Interoperability' function to traders. The 'Interoperability' function enables a trader that has not been registered with Brio for using Brio's electronic service in lodging a CO application, subject to the conditions that the trader itself is a registered user of another service provider for CO (namely, Tradelink) and that the trader's partner in the same CO application is a registered user of Brio for CO service. 

  2. Besides, there are other new features introduced in the electronic service for CO and PN to facilitate the trade: 

  • Extension of the field length for "Exporter's Name" (for CHKO and COP only). The field length for "Exporter's Name" is doubled from one row containing 35 alphabets/numbers to two rows each containing 35 alphabets/numbers. 

  • Addition of a new data field to accommodate consignee's supplementary information (for CHKO and COP only). A new data field of "Consignee Supplementary Information" is added for traders to input additional information on the consignee, such as its telephone/fax no., etc. The field with two rows each contains 35 alphabets/numbers. 

  • Display of the full description of "Government Responses and Approval Codes" (for CHKO, CO(CEPA), COP and PN). The relevant field length in the traders' end user software provided by the service providers is extended to display the full description of the "Government Responses and Approval Codes" (e.g A01, A02, S01, S02, etc.), thus saving traders' need to look up the full description of the various codes from other Government web portals.

  • Extension of field length of "Signatory Identity Number" (Signatory ID) (for CHKO, CO(CEPA), COP and PN). The field length of Signatory ID is extended from 15 to 35 alphabets/numbers.

  1. Traders are advised that service providers have different timetable in implementing the above new features. For Brio, its electronic service for CO and the new features are made available on 1 April 2010 whereas for Tradelink, the new features (except the one mentioned in paragraph 4 above) will be launched on 1 May 2010.


  1. Enquiries relating to the electronic service and processing of CO and PN may be directed to the Trade and Industry Department at the following telephone numbers:

  Telephone No.
Electronic service for CO and PN 3403 6326
Processing of
- CHKO and COP
- PN

2398 5545
3403 6432
2398 5745

Yours faithfully,

( Donald CHUNG )

for Director-General of Trade and Industry