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Hong Kong's Values of Domestic Exports by Main Destination, 2019

The top three destinations for Hong Kong's domestic exports in 2019 were the Mainland, the United States (US) and Singapore with values of domestic exports at HK$20.7 billion, HK$3.7 billion and HK$2.8 billion respectively. Their corresponding shares of the total domestic exports in the year were 43.3%, 7.7% and 5.9%. When compared with 2018, the values of domestic exports to these top three destinations increased by 0.9%, 0.9% and 14.2% respectively.

The other major destinations of local goods from Hong Kong in 2019 included Macao (at HK$2.2 billion or 4.6% in share), Viet Nam (at HK$2.0 billion or 4.2%), Taiwan (at HK$1.9 billion or 4.1%), Switzerland (at HK$1.7 billion or 3.6%) and the United Kingdom (at HK$1.4 billion or 2.9%). Comparing with 2018, the value of domestic exports to some of these major destinations showed mild to drastic increases viz. that to Macao increased by 16.4%, to Switzerland surged by 56.8% and to the United Kingdom boosted by 57.6%. On the other hand, the value of domestic exports to both Viet Nam and Taiwan dropped by 21.2%.