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Guidance Notes on How to Complete a Combined Form For Export and Import of Goods under Outward Processing Arrangement (OPA)


 The form should be completed by typing in English.

2.Some of the columns of the Combined Form are printed on NCR paper. Certain information on the Original will be copied to the Duplicate, Triplicate and Quadruplicate automatically. Since the Combined Form serves both exportation and importation purposes, importation particulars such as date of arrival and import quantity should be entered upon importation(s). Detailed explanations are as follows:


All columns of the Original should be completed prior to exportation. Information required to be declared on the Form including :

  1. Factory name and FR no.;

  2. Consignee / Foreign exporter (full name and address);

  3. Principal manufacturing processes already done in Hong Kong;

  4. Processes to be subcontracted outside Hong Kong;

  5. Shipping mark and no. of packages;

  6. Full description of goods including Article No.;

  7. Origin marking (if any);

  8. Total export quantity (the manufacturer is required to place two asterisks (" ** ") immediately before and after the numerals of the "Total export quantity" declared);

  9. Buyer's order no., production order no., date of shipment, vessel / flight / vehicle no.;

  10. Export / Import Notification / Licence no. (if applicable);

  11. Corresponding Production Notification (PN) Approval Number(s) (if applicable) ; and

  12. Destination and approved export licence no(s). (if applicable) (the manufacturer must provide the final destination if the OPA goods are intended for export; relevant export licence no(s) issued should also be provided if available).
  1. Before exportation, the manufacturer must properly complete and sign the Original and Duplicate Copies of the Form. At the time of completing the Original Copy, the manufacturer must ensure that the information filled in the shaded area of the Original Copy is properly copied to the Duplicate, Triplicate and Quadruplicate Copies and that they are consistent with other export documents (e.g. manifest, etc.).
  2. If the manufacturer has sub-contracted the principal manufacturing process(es) of the goods to another local manufacturer under the Local Subcontracting Arrangement (LSA), relevant information has to be declared under "Applicant's Declaration" of the Original and Duplicate copies of the Form.


The Duplicate is identical to the Original copy. All information typed on the Original will be copied to the Duplicate automatically.


As there is NCR effect on some of the columns of this Combined Form, information appeared on the shaded areas of the Duplicate will be automatically copied to the Triplicate and from the Triplicate to the Quadruplicate. The following particulars on both the upper and lower portion should however be entered onto the Triplicate and Quadruplicate upon first re-importation and second re-importation respectively :

  1. Import Notification / Licence No. (if applicable)
  2. Date of arrival
  3. Vessel / Flight / Vehicle No.
  4. Port of loading
  5. Import quantity
  6. Applicant's declaration
  7. FR no. and Import Quantity at the lower portion of the form

Special Requirements for Garments on Combined Forms

3.Garments of same style but with different features / patterns / colours

  1. One Combined Form can only cover one style of garment. Garments of the same style means garments of identical cut, design and shape and sharing the same functional use. However, garments are still regarded as of same style having the following different features :
    1. garments of different fibre composition;
    2. garments with fabric of different colours and / or patterns;
    3. garments with or without logo / embroidery / label;
    4. garments with logos / embroideries / labels in different designs but of similar size and located at the same position of the garments;
    5. garments with different concealed fastenings; or
    6. garments with different button shapes / sizes.
  2. With the exception of garments of different fibre composition, one Combined Form can be used to cover garments of the same style but with different features / patterns / colours. The variations should be clearly stated in the "full description of goods", for example :

    100% cotton woven blouses (with assorted fabric patterns including strips, checks, dots)

    60% polyester 40% cotton woven dress (with assorted logos)
    35% cotton 65% viscose acetate knitted trousers (with different concealed fastenings)

    70% wool 30% acrylic knitted jacket (with different button shapes / sizes)

  3. For garments of the same style but with different fibre composition, separate Combined Forms should be used to facilitate the matching of product description on the Certificate of Hong Kong Origin where applicable.

4.Import Quantity

In cases where the products exported will be repacked after processing, which result in a change in the number of packages, traders should indicate the imported quantity clearly and specify the number of packages re-imported in brackets, for example,  "**5,000** pieces (100 ctns)". Notwithstanding this, the total import quantity must not exceed the export quantity.


5.Specimens of the Combined Form are at Annexes (pdf format) (i) to (iv). Please refer to the notes for each columns for details.


6.Enquiry can be directed to the Factory Registration Section (Tel : 2398 5531) of the Factory Registration and Origin Certification Branch.

Trade and Industry Department
November 2014