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  • In 2021, bilateral merchandise trade between Canada and Hong Kong increased by 23.5% over 2020, amounted to C$4.4 billion (HK$27.6 billion).
  • Goods imported from Canada registered an average annual change of -5.1% in value in the past four years since 2017 (in terms of HK Dollar). They accounted for about 0.2% (C$1.4 billion or HK$8.9 billion) of Hong Kong's total imports in 2021.
  • In 2021, Hong Kong was Canada's 4th largest market for fish and seafood and 4th largest export market in the world for precious / semiprecious stones. Other major Canadian exports to Hong Kong include electrical machinery; power generating machinery and equipment; and fish, crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic invertebrates.
  • Goods exported to Canada registered an average annual change of 1.3% in value in the past four years since 2017 (in terms of HK Dollar). They accounted for about 0.4% (C$3.0 billion or HK$18.7 billion) of Hong Kong's total exports in 2021.
  • Hong Kong's major export to Canada in 2021 included electrical machinery; telecommunications equipment; and office machines and automatic data processing machines.


  • Hong Kong is an important entrepôt for merchandise trade between Canada and Mainland China. In 2021, around 4.0% (C$2.6 billion) of Mainland China's exports to Canada, and around 2.6% (C$1.0 billion) of Mainland China's imports from Canada, were routed through Hong Kong.


  • Hong Kong is a separate customs territory and participates in the World Trade Organization as a full and separate member, using the name "Hong Kong, China".
  • Hong Kong welcomes overseas investment and offers an environment in which there is a free flow of capital and return on investment without exchange controls.
  • Currently, two Canadian provinces have representative offices in Hong Kong, including the Invest Alberta Corporation and the Québec Office in Hong Kong.
  • As at 1 June 2021, there were 23 regional headquarters, 33 regional offices and 53 local offices in Hong Kong with parent companies located in Canada.
  • Hong Kong is one of the world's major financial centres and Canadian financial institutions play an active part in the banking and insurance sectors. As at end-2021, there are six Canadian or Canadian-controlled banks operating as licensed banks or restricted licence banks and two Canadian banks maintaining local representative offices in Hong Kong. As at 30 April 2022, among the 163 insurance companies authorised in Hong Kong, eight are Canadian-owned or controlled by Canadian interests.
  • Canadian-controlled companies also participate actively in securities and futures trading and in the field of investment advice. As at March 2022, there were around 27 Canadian-controlled firms engaging in brokerage, investment advisory and/or asset management business in Hong Kong.
  • Last available figures show that, at end-2020, the position of Hong Kong's outward direct investment in Canada was C$11.7 billion, whereas that of Hong Kong's inward direct investment from Canada was C$41.4 billion.
  • Hong Kong and Canada signed an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) on 10 February 2016 and the IPPA entered into force on 6 September 2016. The Agreement gives additional assurance to Canadian investors that their investments in Hong Kong are adequately protected. At the same time, it enables Hong Kong investors to enjoy similar protection for their investments in Canada. It also expands investment flows between Hong Kong and Canada, and further strengthens our existing strong economic and trade ties.

Note: Exchange rate in 2020: C$1 = HK$5.79; Exchange rate in 2021: C$1 = HK$6.20

Value in HK$ billion (C$ billion)
  Summary of Hong Kong's Trade with Canada
2020 % Change 2020/2019 2021 % Change 2021/2020
Domestic Exports 0.3
-22.9 0.3
Re-exports 14.5
-20.0 18.4
Total Exports 14.8
-20.1 18.7
Imports 7.5
-32.8 8.9
Total Trade 22.3
-24.9 27.6

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June 2022

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