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Trade and Industry Department The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Support to Small and Medium Enterprises


There are about 310 000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong. They constitute over 98% of our business establishments and employ about 50% of our workforce in the private sector. Their vitality and business performance are of crucial importance to the development of our economy. 

To enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in Hong Kong, the Government and a number of industry supporting bodies and industrial and trade organizations have been providing a wide range of services to SMEs. For example, the Vocational Training Council runs a Business Start-up Center to provide office facilities and administrative assistance to business starters; the Hong Kong Productivity Council offers customised business solutions and management training to SMEs; and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council provides SMEs with useful market information and analysis.

With a view to support SMEs for attaining prosperity and success, the Industries Support Division of Trade and Industry Department provides services specific to SMEs.



With regard to support to SMEs, the Industries Support Division aims to :

  • facilitate the development of SMEs in Hong Kong and help them enhance competitiveness.



To achieve the objective, the Industries Support Division strives to -

  • develop policy initiatives and programmes of services to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and their long term development;

  • co-ordinate the efforts of the public sector and industry support organizations in supporting the development of SMEs and meeting their needs;

  • provide SMEs with a comprehensive range of free business information (e.g. SME support services of the public sector, business start-up information, government business licensing requirements, etc.), consultation services and facilities through the Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs;

  • administer SME funding schemes;

  • provide secretariat support to the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee; and

  • participate in the SMEs related activities of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.